Eddie Vedder New Song With Ringo Starr Revealed?

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

Eddie Vedder may be one of the most well known lead singers in alternative rock history. On the other end of the spectrum, Ringo Starr may be one of the most well known drummers in rock history. This really only means one thing, why not bridge the gap and bring these two talents together.

That seems to be what Eddie Vedder is doing with his new solo record. The record, as of now, seems to be very star studded.

The first single, Long Way, from Eddie Vedder’s new album, features Josh Klinghoffer, Andrew Watt, Chad Smith and Benmont Tench.

Not yet confirmed is having Ring on board with everything, but it is a rumor. The former Beatles drummer is said to have composed and recorded a new song with Eddie for the his new solo album.

If the rumors end up being true, we are looking at a very memorable record. It could be very possible that this ends up being the best work to have come from Eddie in a solo environment.

In any way, it seems that many are absolutely ready for this album to drop and we will continue to wait to see when this will be coming out. Special thanks to Pearl Jam Online.