Johnny Depp & Aerosmith Drug Bombshell Revealed


Recently it was speculated during the ‘trial of the century that Aquaman actress Amber Heard could have allegedly been seen doing an illegal substance on the stand. While that aforementioned sentence is nothing more than hearsay and cannot be verified whatsoever, there is one thing that can be proven to be more than just a rumor.

During recent in-court testimony, a friend of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean actor proclaimed that he allegedly saw Depp using hard drugs with Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry, more than once. Perry most recently revealed this massive bank payment, stunning Aerosmith fans. It was of his belief that Depp’s drug use was due to alleged ‘deep-rooted issues that have nothing to do with Ms. Heard.

The friend, named Bruce Witkin stated the following: “He did it a little bit, but then he stopped because, in my experience, it’s deep-rooted issues that he’s dealt with that has nothing to do with Amber. That’s my opinion,” Witkin said in his testimony.

Witkin also said that when he witnessed Depp take cocaine in 2014 and 2016, he was ‘surprised’. He said: “I was quite surprised because when we were kids, he hated it. But then after that when I said, ‘why are you doing this?’ he kind of hid it from me for a long time.”

In other Aerosmith news, during a 2010 Total Guitar interview, guitarist Joe Perry was asked how he came up with the classic riff for the beloved Aerosmith single, ‘Love in an Elevator. Credit to Far Out Magazine for the below.

“That particular riff kind of floated my way during one of mine and Steven’s (Tyler’s) writing sessions. I was probably listening to Jimi Hendrix on the ride up. I was talking to Rick Rubin once about writer’s block and he said, ‘Make a CD of all the songs that you fell in love with and made you love rock ‘n’ roll.’”

He continued: “‘Listen to that over and over again, and it’ll start the wheels going. So I was listening to a lot of Hendrix. It was one of those riffs that just played itself. I picked up the guitar, and it just started coming out.”