Eddie Vedder Performs For Jonas Brothers Member & Huge Pop Stars At Mansion


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performed a surprise Cannes Lions show at a mansion on Wednesday night in France. Live Nation arranged the performance, with Citi also taking part.

Guests rocking out included Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, One Republic’s Ryan Tedder and Roc Nation prez Michael Yormark.

Citi CMO Jennifer Breithaupt said, “The lucky folks the newbies you’re in for a fun treat. Live Nation makes us look a little bit cooler… Later there will be a fire challenge.”

Kelly Slater wrote on Instagram, “Amongst 200 people at a private estate on a hillside above the French Riviera listening to #EddieVedder and #GlenHansard just after sunset on the #SummerSolstice2017 is a pretty good way to spend an evening, I’d say. Sounds more like a hypothetical (and a run-on sentence) than my past few hours. We were supposed to go see #ChakaKhan just before that but I think that would’ve officially been overload. Thanks, gentlemen. #ShakaCannes! ?? Also a huge thanks to @livenation for making last night happen!”

See photos below.