Eddie Vedder Receives Vote For United State Senator


A fan tweeted Pearl Jam a couple of days ago showing that he wrote in Eddie Vedder for the United State Senate in Florida, where Democrat Senator Bill Nelson is running against Republican Governor Rick Scott in the Senate race.

Pearl Jam posted on their official website about the 2018 United States midterms, “We believe Election Day should be a national holiday and that our democracy is at its best when every voice is heard.

Too many voters don’t make it to the polls because it’s difficult to get time off work on Election Day. We salute companies like Patagonia and those who have partnered with #timetovote to help as many people as possible be voters this November. Pearl Jam’s offices will be closed on Tuesday, November 6 to give our team the day off to vote.

Until Election Day is a national holiday, make sure you have a plan to vote on or before November 6.

Have questions about when, where and how you can vote?

TEXT ‘ROCK’ TO 52886.”

Pearl Jam played a show over the summer in the support of the campaign of Democrat Senator Jon Tester in Montana, who is running against Republican Matt Rosendale in a tight race.