Eddie Vedder Reveals Heartbreaking Chris Cornell Secret


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder discussed Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily for the first time since the iconic Soundgarden frontman died by suicide in May 2017. Lily recently discussed how close she is to Eddie Vedder and his family. Vedder revealed a touching Seattle secret, that Cornell was the first to have a child amongst his group of friends in the area. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments from a recent concert. He also discussed the Roskilde tragedy.

“Thank you for this great, great evening together. I was going to ask, I wanted to share something kind of personal, and it would be great if we could keep it between us. I know it’s unusual these days, but that would make it even more special. I’d like to say something kind of sensitive. I’d like to, like I said, keep it between us.

19 years ago, something very special happened. One of our closest friends, these great people, they were kind of the first one of us in our group of friends and family to have a kid. They had a young daughter, 19 years ago today, depending on US or Europe time. We heard the news right before we went onstage. The band heard, we got the news of our friend, and this wonderful event that happened, right before we went onstage in Denmark at Roskilde 19 years ago.

So it was one of those things where you were celebrating this person’s life, and then the hardest thing any of us ever went through happened later. I think about all of those parents of all of those people. I’ve gotten to know quite a few of them, and they’re family to me, to us and our group, and we stay and touch and we see them. We get to celebrate life, and also celebrate the lives. So we’re going to try to play this song, and I’m thinking about a great 19-year old named Lily, you’re out there.”

Vedder then covered “Seasons.”