Eddie Vedder Reveals Huge Kurt Cobain Paycheck


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder recently opened up on the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Vedder went on to recall how it was rumored that Nirvana earned a huge paycheck.

Eddie Vedder opens up on Kurt Cobain

The Pearl Jam frontman recently joined in for an interview with the New York Times when it was noted that Cobain had a major influence on the evolution of both Vedder and Pearl Jam. During the interview, Vedder noted that he heard a rumor about Cobain getting a massive paycheck and that seemed ‘exciting’. Previously, Eddie Vedder revealed a humiliating video clip of Motley Crue.

He revealed how Krist Novoselic had a couple of jukeboxes- LPs and 45s and also a couple of pinball machines. He believed that they could replicate the same with their works:

“The things that I remember sound inconsequential. I remember hearing through the rumor mill that Nirvana had got a big check, and that seemed exciting. We were excited for them — and wondering if we’d get a big check. I also remember going over to Krist Novoselic’s.11 Krist had two jukeboxes: One was LPs, one was 45s; he had two pinball machines. I remember thinking that if Krist did that, then we could and it wouldn’t seem bourgeois. Outside of that, I remember it was cool that Novoselic asked me, when the record was coming out, it might have been the second record12 — oh, [expletive].”

He added: “Now I know why I never tell this story. Here’s the problem: I’m about to mention the Beatles and the Stones. He was saying that he’d read back in the day — I don’t know if he was right — that the Stones and the Beatles used to see when each other’s records were coming out so they could put them out at different times. I thought that was one of the biggest compliments. Not remotely because we were like the Beatles and Stones but because he was saying, Hey, we could work together on this.”