Eddie Vedder Sounds Sick In Pearl Jam Live Video

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

As the old saying goes in the world of show business and entertainment, ‘the show must go on and the crowd during one of Pearl Jam’s most recent shows, specifically in Fresno, California found that out far too well. During the group’s set, legendary frontman Eddie Vedder stopped the next song from the very start to explain that he wasn’t very well and that he hasn’t felt this bad since he had to miss a show and Neil Young performed instead.

Did this Pearl Jam member recently reveal lies about this Foo Fighters icon? Vedder then apologized to the audience and said he would continue but could use the help from the audience. He would further add that there are five other incredible musicians on stage. The band would then transition into the classic Pearl Jam hit ‘Do The Evolution’ off of their 1998 album, Yield.

In other news revolving around Pearl Jam, Jack Irons, who was with the group through March 20, 1998, recently discussed the shift of nature within the music scene during the early 1990s when suddenly once-underground bands like Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers were gaining mainstream exposure. Irons made the following remarks in a recent interview in Rolling Stone. Credit to the outlet for the following.

“Absolutely. No one expected that. It was an explosion. It just happened. From a point of view of being in L.A. and trying to make it with Eleven and working hard and always trying to succeed, when the scene from Seattle started to explode, it was remarkable. The record business was somehow gearing up for that. From a business point of view, to sell the kind of records that Nirvana sold and Pearl Jam sold, something was gearing up that I wasn’t focused on. It did burst through in Seattle.”