Eddie Vedder ‘Incoherent’ Pearl Jam Video Revealed


Pearl Jam has been one of the top bands and they gained popularity in the early ’90s with their own take on the Seattle sound. Eddie Vedder’s distinct voice has influenced countless mediocre singers throughout the decade and the band’s classic rock has influenced many. However, with their outspoken political views there is a lot for Pearl Jam haters.

But focusing on the musical side of things, YouTube channel ‘There I Ruined It’, made a humorous video to show how Pearl Jam sounds to people who don’t like Pearl Jam. The band’s classic hit “Even Flow” serves as the blueprint for a mash-up of incoherent Eddie Vedder ramblings that go on for about one minute. You can check out the video in full below (via Metal Injection):

Pearl Jam had to cancel some shows recently amid Vedder’s health issues. The band is scheduled to return to a live stage only in September when they start their Autumn North American tour. The band is slated to kick off the tour on Sept. 1 in Quebec City, Canada.

There have been some debates over ‘Rock is dead’ and grunge music supposedly killing metal. Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed the whole topic of grunge music supposedly killing metal. He also reflected on the long standing controversial topic of ‘Rock is dead.’

While talking to VWMusic, Gossard was also asked whether he thinks that rock is dead, Gossard is not bothered with the debate and he is enjoying his time with Pearl Jam. He is having fun being part of the Eddie Vedder-led band and performing in front of the fans. Here is what he said:

“I mean, who knows, and who cares? [Laughs]. Honestly, Pearl Jam is playing shows and we’re having fun, so whatever it is that we’re doing, we’re having a good time, and our fans seem to be having a good time too. I love the open-endedness of rock music because there is no defining quality to rock music.”

He explained what Rock genre means to him and said:

“It’s about multiple people playing music together, with whatever instruments it is that they choose to play. Whatever it is, if it’s anything that could be rock, I love it. I love bands. I love collaboration. To me, the frame of ‘rock music’ can hold a lot of different pictures, and there are a lot of pictures that haven’t been made up yet in terms of how a band might sound together.”

“With that, we don’t know what the instrumentation might be, and why it would be heavy, but it could still be rock, but it might be different instruments that still that evoke that same heaviness that rock evokes, which is something that’s primal. I think that with rock, it’s something that’s honestly relative to the blues, which again, is what we’re all sort of connecting to on a fundamental level, right? So, the blues has been around for a long time, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. It’s just gonna keep changing shape.”