Eddie Vedder Surprises Fan At Store: ‘A Once In A Lifetime Moment’


LarryJuJuDavid has posted the following story on the Pearl Jam Reddit:

“Eddie Vedder goes out of his way to make my best friends dream come true! https://imgur.com/gallery/K3Io3QJ

So a few years back my best friend had a once in a lifetime moment. He manages a store in central FL, so one day he noticed a woman shopping… And here’s what happened.

He always is playing PJ in the store, as he and I are both die hard PJ fans. He recognized this woman, but couldn’t recall from where. While ringing her up he decided to check her ID, sure he enough, it’s Eddie Vs wife, whom we had seen on stage at a show. He asked her, and she smiled and confirmed it was her. Hearing PJ playing in the shop, they struck up a conversation and she hinted she would tell Eddie and maybe he’d come say hi.

Eddie shows up around dinner but my friend wasn’t there, Eddie wrote him a note and said he’d try and come back. My friend races back to the store, but he left. Sure enough Eddie V showed up again a few hours later and here are pictures to show what happened.

Eddie couldn’t have been cooler… Posing for pics, signing stuff, and talking to my boy like he’s a normal guy just hanging out. My boy was star struck as most of us would be, and Eddie ends up getting his address and number, saying he’ll be sending over a little something for him!

Long story short, he got a box set signed an all, amazing pictures, personalized art and a hand shake and hug from our favorite singer ever.

What a cool guy. To take the time to go say hello not once but twice on vacation… we already loved him but how many rock icons or famous people would do that?!

We love you Eddie and Pearl Jam!

Thanks for being the best!”

Eddie Vedder goes out of his way to make my best friends dream come true!

Eddie Vedder is the GOAT! from pearljam