Eddie Vedder’s Temple of the Dog Absence Involves ‘Family’


Eddie Vedder yet again did not show up at Temple of the Dog’s second show in Seattle at the Paramount last night, their 2016 reunion tour closer. The Seattle Times are reporting that family commitments led to Vedder missing Temple of the Dog’s Seattle concerts.

Their musicianship was steady and they all seemed to have improved with age. The only element missing was Eddie Vedder, who because of previous family commitments couldn’t reprise his “Hunger Strike” vocal on the album. The crowd sang the part, as they sang every lyric all night.

Alternative Nation can confirm that Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney attended the Temple of the Dog concert last night. Vedder attended the Seattle Seahawks football game with actor Bradley Cooper on Sunday. Check out a photo of Vedder at the game below, followed by a video of “Hunger Strike” sans Vedder.

Vedder attended Game 7 of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians a few weeks ago, and he was in New York at the NYC Public Library at the 7th annual Action for Jackson to celebrate the progress of EBRP and EB research on November 3rd, just a few days before Temple of the Dog performed at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Temple of the Dog kicked off their reunion tour on November 4th in Philadelphia at the Tower Theatre, a 90 minute drive from New York.

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Mike McCready told Team Rock in a recent interview just prior to Temple of the Dog’s tour that there ‘hasn’t been any discussion’ surrounding Eddie Vedder participating in Temple of the Dog’s reunion tour.

“I haven’t heard whether he’s going to be a part of this or not. I would love it if Eddie would do it. It’s kind of up to him and Chris [Cornell] but there hasn’t been any discussion about it so far.”

McCready also discussed songs he is excited to play on the Temple of the Dog reunion tour.

“I’m totally excited about it. Reach Down, I get to have a big old solo on it. I’ve gotten to be a better guitarist hopefully than I was 25 years ago. I want to do a different take on that. And in terms of doing covers I think it’ll be exciting. I want to play Love Bone songs, I’m hoping that’s going to be part of it. To bring those songs to life, the Love Bone songs from Apple, and having Chris sing Stardog Champion or any of these great songs, will be poignant and, I think, important to people.”

He also revealed that Jeff Ament asked Chris Cornell about doing a Temple of the Dog reunion tour at Mad Season’s reunion show in January 2015.

“Over the years I’ve heard hundreds of people come up to me to say how much this record means to them, and it has grown into this mythical thing. That’s why we’re going to go out and tour and try to play these songs for the first time properly. We’ve only done a handful of shows in the beginning and then we’ve done a couple here and there with Chris since. We did a Mad Season & Seattle Symphony show that I put together two years ago, and Chris was singing some of Layne [Staley]’s old lyrics. And when we did some Temple songs, and Jeff and Stone came out and we did Reach Down and Say Hello 2 Heaven, and the crowd response was immense. We were surprised with how fast the tickets sold [for the Temple shows], but it has turned into something that’s bigger than all of us.”