Eddie Vedder To Collaborate With Coldplay’s Chris Martin


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder rehearsed Patti Smith’s “People Have The Power” with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for his performance at the Global Citizens Fest later tonight.

Vedder was also photographed with Cat Stevens.

Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall discussed Eddie Vedder in a recent interview with Alternative Nation.

“One time Eddie Vedder and I were at some festival in Spain, Paul Weller was also playing, and we’re both big fans of Paul Weller, so we walked over to his stage and stood together and watched him at the side of the stage, and totally fanboyed out to the point where we even took a selfie to commemorate it (laughs). We got a selfie geeking out on Paul Weller. Later that night Alice played and we did our thing, Spanish crowds are always so great, and then after our set Pearl Jam came on and just totally batted cleanup, it was really cool.

I was watching from the side of the stage, and Ed had his bottle of wine, and at one point he just came over to me and handed me the bottle to get a swig, and we just both had a drink at the side of the stage together while the band is jamming, it was probably a guitar solo or something (laughs). We had this moment with his wine, and it was sort of like: ‘Yeah, this is a great night isn’t it? Look at these people.’ It’s always great to run into those guys, I’m still a huge fan of all of them.”