Foo Fighters Full Madison Square Garden Show Leaks


Foo Fighters’ full June 20th Madison Square Garden show from New York has been uploaded. The band will play at the Forum in Los Angeles on July 17th, though it’s unclear if they’ll require vaccinations.

Ricky H asked fans on Reddit, “What was the process with showing vaccination proof? Do they ask for it at the door? Did you show them your vaccine card? I want to go to the forum show here in LA and I’m wondering what’s the process … thanks!”

Cancelcomedy responded, “I had a paper I’d since I’m from out of state. The guy spent maybe 10-15 seconds looking at mine. My South Carolina license probably threw him off. He checked to see if the name ‘matched’. The hand writing in mine is horrible and barely legible. And then he checked the date of the second vaccination to make sure it was at least 2 weeks ago. He said I was good and just glanced at my wife’s and let her through. So. Mixed bag!”

Marvin_Stanwyck wrote, “Attended the MSG show…lady simply glanced at my Vaccine passport on my phone at the initial security check.”