Eddie Vedder Reveals Who Saved His Life: ‘I Was Drowning Alone’


PearlJamOnline reports that Join Together (With The Band) is a museum quality, collectable hardcover coffee table book that captures The Who‘s explosive stage shows as well as quiet moments off-stage in many never-before-seen photographs spanning 1980 through 2017.

The exclusive photographs in the book were taken by William Snyder who has been the band’s official photographer of more than seventeen years. The foreword is by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. In it, he credits The Who for saving his life.

Join Together (With The Band) is now available for pre-order at jointogetherwiththebook.com. 50% of all profits will be donated to Teen Cancer America.

Vedder wrote in the book, “For myself, every invite to play with The Who turned into some of life’s most galvanized moments. This goes back to what was written earlier about music not only having restorative properties but life saving capabilities. For I am an example. I am proof.

Somehow through my worst trials and tribulations, when there was no one to turn to and a troubled adolescence had me drowning alone at sea, their music came along like a Coast Guard ship with a searchlight beacon and pulled me out of numerous desperate predicaments that would have been otherwise unsurvivable. Their music and words infused strength enough in me to combat the complete powerlessness I was feeling at the time, and set me on course towards a life beyond ones imagination or dreams.

Am I grateful? Yes. With every cell in my body and neuron and synapse firing in my brain? Affirmative. Every second of every day? Absofuckinglutely.

With that being said you can imagine it was overwhelming the first few times meeting with them. Yet something incredible happened. Due to their generosity, friendship, and acceptance, suddenly I grew up beyond the fucked up elements of the past and was empowered and enable to move beyond it all. It was still part of the story, but no longer defined me.”