Eddie Vedder’s Story About Couple Whose Fathers Died On 9/11 Will Melt Your Heart


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder told a heartwarming story about a couple, Brielle and Sean, during his performance at the Ohana Festival on Saturday night. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“I’m going to tell you a little something, because I got this letter. It was so poignant and beautiful and powerful and it came from a woman in Hoboken, New Jersey. I don’t think they’ll mind me telling this story, but they both lost their fathers at a young age, they were both taken that day September 11th.

One of the Dads was in the plane, and one of the Dads was in the building. These two young kids, boy and girl, they met at a camp called Camp Better Days. It was kind of dealing with some of the PTSD, that’s where they met. They held hands one night, and they’ve been holding hands ever since.

I’d like to make a toast to them, because today they got married. So I’m going to raise my glass and just so they see, we’re filming it, and we’re going to send it as soon as this song ends. I want you to hold up your phones and light yourselves up like candles in support of this wonderful couple with an amazing story about how something powerful like love can come out of something so tragic.”