Elton John Booed During Farewell Performance


Sir Elton John is currently traveling the world with his ongoing farewell tour. The concerts began in September 2018 and are set to go on until July next year. The Rocket Man singer returned to the UK last week and performed in Norwich and Liverpool as well as Sunderland.

He recently performed at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light on Sunday evening. He was got the crowd riled up when he made a joke about their Newcastle rivals. Thereby, Elton John was “booed by the Sunderland crowd” as he performed his last ever concert in the North East of England.

Elton John was booed after the comments

The legendary singer mentioned playing Newcastle’s City Hall during the 1970s and 1980s. According to Chronicle Live, the crowd then started booing upon mention of the neighbouring stadium. Elton reportedly found the response amusing and joked that he had “no choice” other than to play there because there was no stadium in Sunderland at the time. Elton’s performance went down a treat with his fans and many took to Twitter to share their joy.

One unnamed user also took the opportunity to poke fun at the Geordies. They joked: “What an incredible evening @eltonofficial. “Can’t beat the Sunderland crowd, Newcastle where you at?”

Hayley praised Elton’s performance saying: “Absolutely phenomenal. He’s still got it!! One of the best nights of our lives. Highly recommend.”

Danny echoed: “Went to see @eltonofficial last night at Sunderland on his farewell tour. “I just thought it was an incredible and magical night, it really put a smile on my face. It was the best night ever, I will never forget the day.”

And Joe gushed: “Had an absolute blast watching @eltonofficial in Sunderland tonight on his #farewelltour.

“What a fantastic performance. He’s 75 and still got it!”

In the coming weeks, he will travel to Bristol, London, Swansea, Cork and Watford.