Axl Rose Massive Weight Loss Photos Leak


Axl Rose has been able to make a name and a product for himself for many years, showing off his weight loss in photos seen below on tour this year. Not only are Guns N’ Roses a huge band that have been selling out shows for a long time, but they are also a brand as well. This is truer than ever with Axl Rose’s new book.

The book is called ‘Axl And The Magic Garden’. While the book is not directly about the famous vocalist; it is loosely based upon his appearance and antics via a children’s story. Recently, the writer of the book, Geraldine Garcia Collins was able to meet up with Axl Rose and share the story with him which also features illustrations that point to Axl Rose’s real life past.

Geraldine stated the following about meeting Rose: “Being able to chat to Axl about the book – showing him illustrations, including the one that shows him on his throne (the one he used when he sang injured with AC/DC) – it was a special moment.”

The two were able to get together to discuss the book and Axl was a huge fan of it. Geraldine stated that Axl was actually very surprised by the way that the main character looks. The main character in the story is a caterpillar with a troll-like face. The caterpillar also is seen clad in a bandana, flannel, ripped genes, and straggly, long, red, hair as well.

Axl Rose was given a copy of the book based upon him, and Geraldine dedicated the book to him in the official pressing. Rose was very honored to have a children’s book written on him, but we wonder how Axl Rose in the 1990’s would have reacted to all of this. Either way, it’s a great story that will now also be shared with children from all around the world.

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