Elton John Has Crush On Red Hot Chili Peppers Member


Red Hot Chili Peppers discussed collaborating with Elton John on “Sick Love” at their recent iHeartRadio The Getaway album release party.

Josh Klinghoffer said, “The song that he plays on was a song that we were working on for awhile before we started recording it, and it just sounded like Elton was involved somehow, someway, so we thought we should just invite him down and see if he likes it and wants to play on it.”

Chad Smith added, “He was kind of nervous, it was actually really kind of cute. When he came in, he looked for somewhere to sit really quick, and he sat down.”

Anthony Kiedis quipped, “He’s got a well known crush on Chad, a little crush nerves.”

Chad Smith said, “I could feel the tension.”