Ex-Foo Fighters Member Clarifies Controversial Chris Cornell Comments


Ex-Foo Fighters guitarist Franz Stahl has sent the following to Alternative Nation regarding his previous comments regarding the death of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

We reported a story a few days ago about Stahl’s Facebook post where he criticized Cornell for leaving his family behind by committing suicide.

Stahl told Alternative Nation today, “I’ve been inundated with hate and harm and it cuts deep. Trying to climb out of it, I posted this..

I’m no stranger to what some of us deal with in life..a fatherless upbringing..suicide in my family and my own depression..With that said…Upon reading the news I was initially overwhelmed with sadness, then it became anger however unwarranted. In that moment I just blurted it out..said things and posted it.

It was however insensitive and wrong on many levels and since deleted. People close to me know I’m not that person, and well..how can you walk that back.”