Relative Reveals What Chris Cornell Did With Family Day He Died, Says He Wasn’t Depressed


Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s mother in law Toni Karayiannis discussed the singer’s final day with his family last Wednesday on Twitter. Cornell spent time with his family before flying out for his show with Soundgarden in Detroit.

She also shared an image commemorating the upcoming Chris Cornell Celebration of Life at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Friday, which says: “In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Phoenix House Adolescent and Teen Services.”

A fan wrote to Toni, “I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it… I just don’t want to believe it…. I just keeping thinking something is not right.”

Toni responded, “I’m w u!Few hrs before he’s decorating his house telling Vicky 2hurry up finish it NoHe loved his new life vicky kids me his fans his music.”

“He was a happy man made so many plans!Depressed ppl don’t buy painting carpets!He left laughing,a man sure of himself loved…SPOILED by fam.”

“My biggest support system is here,isyou guys!Mourning comes in many faces!Iwant to be w ppl who loved him always not 2day but always as fam!”

“U guys who were here 4me always and I felt your love towards him&his family!Whoever tells me now loves me or my fam Fake news! Pls don’t try.”

“Chris told me 2speak whatever is in my heart!So here it is!He loved YOU his fans his Vicky period!He was a happy fam man!No reason for that!”

“My golden son u r here w me in my heart as always!U gave so much love 2 last us for a lifetime!Yes I miss u terribly!”

“As I’m searching for truth I look in to your Toni’s eyes to find u! I try to hold my tears so our babies or your precious Vicky won’t see!!”