Ex-Guns N’ Roses Member Claims He Is ‘Broke Ass Poor,’ Adds ‘Kidding, I Have Means’


Ex-Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson discussed his departure from the band in a new Rolling Stone interview.

In 2012, he says his marriage “went fuckin’ south in a bad, bad way” forcing him to become a “fuckin’ full-time dad – and happily a full-time dad.” His responsibilities as a parent to his now-nine-year-old daughter Tallulah made it so he couldn’t tour with Guns N’ Roses, forcing him to leave the band, and his reunion with the Replacements – which played fewer gigs than GN’R – fell apart too. “I’m glad for [GN’R],” he says. “I would be gladder if I wasn’t so broke-ass poor right now but whatever.” He makes eye contact and laughs. “I’m kidding. At least I have means. I have myself. I’ve got Benny [Perlstein, his manager]. I’ve got Dodger.”

Stinson was still a member of Guns N’ Roses up until June 2014. “I wasn’t intending to quit Guns N’ Roses,” he says. “But I had to tell them, I think, five times in a row my situation at home was so screwed up I couldn’t tour. I hope that was the thing that pushed the reunion [with Slash and Duff McKagan] to happen, because I know all those guys and they’re having a ball. I saw the tour twice. I’m glad for them.”