Ex-Guns N’ Roses Member Would Pay ‘Anything’ To See Led Zeppelin With John Bonham Hologram


Asked by Bladerunner Radio for his opinion on the Dio hologram, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Tracii Guns said:

“I think it’s wonderful. There’s a couple of naysayers — there always is, ’cause people have nothing better to do in their life than say ‘nay’ — but if you’re a Ronnie James Dio fan and you wanna go see that band and you wanna hear Ripper — Ripper’s a monster — it’s an amazing thing. And beyond that, a big percentage of the profit goes to the Ronnie James Dio cancer foundation. So there’s not one negative thing attached to that.”

He added: “The hologram thing, yeah, it’s creepy and it’s weird, but it’s legit though.”

Tracii went on to say that he would be thrilled to see some of his favorite artists perform in holographic form. “Here’s a great example: if [Led Zeppelin members Robert] Plant and [Jimmy] Page and John Paul Jones wanted to do that with [John] Bonham, I would pay anything to do see that. I would,” he said. “I would pay anything to see a hologram of John Bonham live. That’s the way I can justify it. Like, who am I a huge, huge, crazy fan of? I would be so excited, and it would be unbelievable. And I’m a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio, but there are people that are much bigger fans than I am. So I know how they feel. ‘I can go see this? My God! It’s incredible.'”