Marilyn Manson 50th Birthday Party Video Leaks, Is It Insane?

Photo by Brett Buchanan for

Marilyn Manson turns 50 years old today, happy birthday! Manson celebrated his 50th birthday at Madame Siam last night, and the party looked surprisingly normal for the shock rockers, with Manson even appearing to get a bit emotional and shy when his friends were singing happy birthday to him! You can view video below, along with photos featuring the drinking menu and comedian Jeff Ross.

According to Reddit, Marilyn was born today in 1969, Canton, Ohio to Hugh and Barbara Warner. The numeric date of his birth, the 5th of January (15), has had a heavy yet transformative significance throughout his life, his artwork, and thereby his career, both highlighting and elevating the importance of his multiple artistic sensibilities, his success in multiple mediums, as well as his lasting impact and influence on Music as a Rock’n’Roll icon.

Today, also marks 10 years to the day that Manson finished recording the song 15, which was the last song to be recorded for his seventh studio album The High End Of Low. According to Manson, the song 15 was “the most important song that’s been written by Marilyn Manson as an entity. It’s the most unusual song I have ever heard. I thought that the album was done, but what was happening in my life had not resolved itself. So on January 5, one five, I sang ’15’, and the lyrics tell the story of that day.”

“Yesterday everything I thought I believed in died, but today is my Birthday.” – (15) – Marilyn Manson Turns 50 Today from r/marilyn_manson