Ex-Guns N’ Roses Member Reveals Why He Believes A Reunion Album Will Happen


Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson discussed a possible GNR reunion album in a new App interview.

Q: The Mats have a huge canon, which isn’t the same for Guns N’ Roses.

A: That’s so true and they’re playing two-and-half-hour shows. At some point Axl (Rose) is going to get antsy and want to make new music. Every musician wants to do something different. I saw them twice and they were great. I know everyone in that band but Slash. They’re great guys. Axl is having fun. I hear from him from time to time.

Q: Did you see Axl front AC/DC?

A: No, but I really wanted to.

Q: Talk about a guy who was born to sing AC/DC .

A: I totally agree with you! Axl is an excellent choice to front that band. I watched the first show he did with them on YouTube and he totally killed it! I’m so proud of him since he’s a friend of mine and he completely owned it. I was supposed to go to the Philadelphia show (which closed the tour and perhaps AC/DC). I was on the list. But I have an 8-year old daughter. She had school and I just couldn’t make it.

Q: The strangest thing about 2016 was the return of Axl, who went from being the Greta Garbo of rock to being almost as ubiquitous as Donald Trump.

A: I love that you brought the Greta Garbo reference to the table. He was a reclusive genius but he’s back and it’s cool.