Ex-Motley Crue Member Reveals ‘Lies’ In Movie


Jimmy Kay for Canada’s The Metal Voice recently interviewed The Dead Daisies frontman and former Motley Crue singer John Corabi on the streets of Montreal, Canada on July 3, 2023 prior to performing acoustic at The Piranha Bar.

Corabi has asked about his portrayal in the 2019 Motley Crue movie The Dirt and if he should have been included, he told The Metal Voice,”I think they could have just shown the band split up and then show them talking to get back together again (without including him). The only thing that bugs me about that movie is that they took the unfortunate liberty to make it look like I was playing in high school gymnasiums to like eight people. I’m fine, it is what it is. It doesn’t bother me at all anymore. I’m like whatever. I thought that was a little bit overblown their perception or their view of that time.

I mean it’s kind of funny if you go on to YouTube and type in John Corabi Motley Crue Live 94. it’s like yeah none of the shows were sold out but we still played to three, four, five, six thousand people, seven thousand people depending on the size of the Arena. I just thought that was a little shitty and then the other thing is if they were going to put me in the movie which they did I’m just angry that they didn’t get Morgan Freeman to play me. You know he’s always wise in every movie, he’s just cool in every movie.”

Corabi was then asked about all the Mick Mars and Motley Crue drama, he said,” I said what I had to say in the very beginning when that first press release came out that Mick wasn’t going to tour due to his health and yada yada. Somebody asked me a question, I made the statements and now I’m keeping my mouth shut but none of the drama surprises me, do you know what I mean? That’s all I gotta say.”