Scott Weiland’s Widow Reveals His Last Work


Scott Weiland, the iconic frontman of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, left a huge impact on the world of rock music with his unique voice and raw talent. Known for his enigmatic persona, Weiland’s creative prowess extended far beyond music. Recently, a fascinating discovery has emerged – a sketchbook belonging to the late musician’s wife, filled with rough yet captivating drawings of himself and his wife, Jamie Weiland. As Jamie shared these personal insights on Instagram, it has opened a unique opportunity for fans to connect with the enigmatic artist and own a piece of his creative journey.

Art has always served as a window into the soul, providing a way for artists to express emotions and perceptions that words sometimes fail to capture. Scott Weiland’s sketchbook offers an intimate and revealing glimpse into the depths of his artistic expression. The sketches, though raw in execution, possess a certain allure that draws viewers into Weiland’s world, inviting them to ponder his interpretation of himself and his beloved wife.

Jamie Weiland’s decision to share and offer the sketchbook to the public is a poignant and courageous act. By doing so, she honors her late husband’s memory and allows fans to connect with the artistic legacy he left behind. This gesture not only provides an opportunity for devoted fans to acquire a piece of rock history but also allows them to engage with Weiland’s creative process on a more personal level.

The roughness of the sketches reflects the inner turmoil and tumultuous journey of an artist, striving to express his essence through a medium other than music. These imperfect yet captivating sketches serve as a testament to Weiland’s willingness to expose himself artistically, unafraid of judgment or critique.

For those captivated by Scott Weiland’s artistic endeavors, Jamie Weiland has made it possible to acquire a piece of his creative journey. The sketchbook is available for purchase on her Big Cartel website, providing an unprecedented opportunity for fans to own an intimate artifact that preserves the essence of a true musical visionary. By doing so, fans can continue to celebrate and cherish Weiland’s extraordinary talent, keeping his memory alive in the realm of art.