Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer’s Son Crashing Skateboard At Police Station Will Surprise You


Former Pearl Jam/Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons is currently opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers on their North American tour, with his son Zach’s band Irontom serving as the other opening act.

In a new News-Herald interview, Zach Irons discussed going on a downtown adventure after opening for Awolnation in Cleveland last year.

“After playing the House of Blues, we went skateboarding,” said Irons, calling from Los Angeles. “We were skating down a parking garage when we realized it was the police station. My drummer jumped off his board and I crashed into him. I slammed into the pavement. I saw the cops coming up on us, and we ran away.” Irons was able to elude capture.

He also discussed opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“We’ve kind of been going back and forth with Flea,” Irons said, referring to the Peppers’ famous bassist. “I’ve been lucky enough to sort of grow up around these guys a little bit. With that being said, because of our connection, we had to work very hard to get their attention and be considered at all.

“Flea saw us at the Hollywood Palladium opening for Awolnation and I guess we impressed him. He said get your record out and we’ll talk about coming on the road.”