Faith No More ‘Embarrassed’ Axl Rose Backstage


Faith No More singer Mike Patton discussed defecating in a cake he knew Axl Rose would eat at a Guns N’ Roses show in a new Regis Tadeu interview.

“It was such a drag touring with them [GN’R], I hate to say it. They treated us like shit.

“They paid us really well, but we were really, just every day, looking for something fucked up to do. So one day, I just took it out, and I pissed all over his teleprompter.”

He then told the defecation story, “What I did is – I took a chocolate cake. It was at a big table of catering [backstage]. I took this cake and I put some of my shit inside of it and put it back there.

“And then we watched because I was hoping like, ‘Oh, maybe Axl Rose will eat it.’ Instead, our crew guy fuckin’ picks it up…

“He’s about it eat it and I’m like, ‘Don’t do it! Don’t do it!’ Like, at the last second.” Guns N’ Roses also had Soundgarden open for them in the early 90’s, as Axl Rose was a big fan of the 90’s alternative rock movement. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Patton’s comments.