Tobias Forge Reveals If He’s Broke From Ghost Tour


Ghost singer Tobias Forge has revealed he still feels some economical pressure, and that Ghost is a ‘money’ and ‘career’ driven endeavor. While he’s doing well, he said that someday he’d like to do another band that has nothing to do with money. A nice photo of Tobias Forge’s backside was recently uploaded.

He told All Things Loud, “One very basic ambition that I have in order to achieve the things I want to explore is to reach a point of no economical pressure. For me, that would be the luxury. That’s my vision of making it. If I can form a band with people that I like and I’m just gonna be the guitar player or drummer, then to be able to do things like go on tour would be great if I didn’t have to worry about the monetary side of things.

That for me is a dream come true, especially now that I’ve spent a decade doing a band which is very money and career-driven. If I ever started a band now, then I’d know what I want to do better. Therefore I feel very excited about the possibility of playing in another band at some point in my life. Hmm, what else? I’m a very cinematically interested person, so I’m really into the idea of scriptwriting. I would definitely start my own production company either alone or with someone else, but only if I had the money, the means and the time.

I wouldn’t say I’d produce films, because then people would think of big blockbuster stuff. That’s not what I’m talking about; I’m talking about being able to make short films or series with the sorts of ideas I have. Given the proper time and opportunity to cultivate that, and without having the economical pressure, that would also be a big ambition of mine.” Forge recently made a bold claim about who influenced artists like himself and Marilyn Manson.