Faith No More Member Reacts To Breakup Rumors


Faith No More bassist Billy Gould was recently interviewed by Kerrang Magazine and he discussed the status of the band.

When Billy Gould is asked whether Faith No More are still a going concern, he laughs and weaves around the question with the practiced ease of slalom skier.

“We talk all the time. Are we still a band? I can’t tell you. Last time around, we didn’t even tell our wives that we were making music again, so I’m fucked if I’m going to tell you!”

Last seen onstage at the Troubadour nightclub in Los Angeles in August 2016, promoting the reissue of their 1986 debut album We Care A Lot, complete with former frontman Chuck Mosley (now sadly deceased), Faith No More have no current bookings on their docket. But if the maverick rockers are lying low, their 54-year old bassist is far from idle. Having completed work on a new album from his experimental music project Talking Book, Billy has recently been conducting media duties in his capacity as Executive Producer of RocKabul, a documentary about the rise and fall of District Unknown, Afghanistan’s first metal band, which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival on February 1st. He’s equally enthusiastic when discussing another new venture, his role in importing Eastern European brandy, Rakia, into America.

“It gives me the same buzz that music does,” he insists. “But I’ll be making music all my life; there’s music in my head every time I walk down the street.”