Neil Peart Gave Rush Money To Big Name Before Death


Over on prominent Neil Peart and Rush message board,, one user named London guy commented on the net worth of recently fallen Rush drummer, Neil Peart, and how much he left behind to his wife Carrie and daughter Olivia. The user lamented that Peart, should have been worth more and been wealthier as the user wrote: “Just looking at the net worth of some of the famous musicians out there. It says Neil was worth 42 million. A good chunk of change, but someone of his talent should’ve been worth 10 times that.” Rush ‘cash grab’ after Neil Peart death revealed.

The user continued: “So many no talent musicians, like Gene Simmons, Mick Jagger, are worth hundreds of millions. I’m sure Neil could’ve joined other bands years ago and made much more money, but then he wouldn’t have had as much fun as being in Rush and playing the kind of music he wanted. The whole band should’ve made more money with that level of musicianship.”

Neil Peart called out Eric Clapton disrespect before death. Fellow forum members commented on this commentary. Hemibeers wrote: “I understand the gist of your post that someone as profound and talented as Neil should have had higher monetary rewards. But at a certain point of wealth, who cares? It’s just a larger number for the pile. I don’t think any of them (well except Ray Danniels) was out for every last buck. Used wisely, Carrie and Olivia’s (eventual) part of the estate will do well for them the rest of their lives.”

While FordGalaxy responded: ” He could have been the richest rock and roll guy who ever lived, and he’d still be dead. I’d guess neither he nor his family ever wanted something they couldn’t afford. His wife and daughter will live quite comfortably the rest of their lives unless they do something monumentally ignorant with the money.” Neil Peart ‘goodbye hug’ to Rush icon leaks.