Faith No More Reveal If They Have Considered Replacing Mike Patton


Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum was interviewed this week by Chandler Sorrells with The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage. Faith No More have been on hiatus since releasing Sol Invictus in 2015, and the interviewer asked if due to Mike Patton being busy following that album’s release, if they considered collaborating with former vocalist Chuck Mosley for a new album prior to his 2017 death.

The band played a couple of shows in 2016 with Mosley to celebrate a reissue of We Care A Lot. Alternative Nation transcribed Bottum’s comments.

“I don’t think so, we did like we set out, when we re-released the We Care A Lot record, it just felt like a really special thing to bring the band back together, and do the shows that we did, but we did shows around the release of that record on the west coast with Chuck.

That’s what we set out to do, and even that felt like kind of a challenge at the time, going back and sort of revisiting that, but it felt amazing, and looking back on it now after Chuck has passed away, it’s like wow, that’s the highlight of my career, that we were able to do it and revisit that. I don’t think we were so interested in exploring another record with Chuck, I don’t think that was going to happen.”