Famous Metal Singer Joins Tool In Studio: ‘It’s True, It’s Done’


The music to Tool’s new album is done, according to two people who were just in The Loft with the band.

Behemoth frontman Adam Nergal Darski wrote, “I was privileged to witness @toolbandfanpage rehaersing today… lucky me u’ll say hm?? Well, yes, lucky me. It was splendid experience to see this visionary band perform in the same room. THANK U Justin for invitation… it was pretty fuckin’ inspiriting and unworldly!!!???.”

Paul Aemaio wrote, “Yes it is true… the new Tool record is done… (vocals still in progress) and the world is just not ready for this… beyond grateful to have just witnessed an almost full band performance of it with @nergal69 and @morganagren at The Loft. Really no words for this… now heading to really cap this Cali trip in style with @meshuggahband … ??”

See new photos from The Loft below!