Fan Reveals Kurt Cobain’s Reaction When Told Courtney Love Was ‘Nuts’


Wales Online have up a new article on a Hole show from 1991 that Kurt Cobain attended, with quotes from fans and musicians.

Schoolboy Andrew Curran knew all about Nirvana and Hole when he turned up at TJ’s for Cheap Sweaty Fun number 73.

Now he’s a 44-year-old assistant headteacher in Leicester.

“I gave him a fag and a light,” the history tutor, from Newport, said.

“I had seen Nirvana a week or two before at the Bierkeller in Bristol. That was one of their first ever UK gigs. Midway Still supported them.

“About two weeks later Hole played and a big load of us went down and we were all jumping around to Hole.”

Andrew remembered the moments before he handed Kurt Cobain a Benson and Hedges.

“I said ‘Are you here to watch Courtney?’” he said.

“He didn’t say much but he asked for a cigarette and I gave him one.

“He was very quiet and trying to keep himself to himself. Then I b****red off because I was a bit starstruck.

“I don’t think a lot of people really knew who he was because it was still early days. He was not a megastar.

“No one knew they were going to be as big as they were. Now it would be like seeing John Lennon, but at that time it was just that bloke from Nirvana.”

The following year Nirvana headlined the Reading Festival. Twelve months before they had played a daytime slot. They were between Chapterhouse and Silverfish.

Andrew had no idea whether Kurt really proposed to Courtney that night.

“That might be a bit of folklore, but it sounds good,” he said.

But he has told his pupils many times about the night he met the grunge king.

“If any of the kids ever talk about Nirvana, or wear a Nirvana T-shirt or anything, I make sure they hear the story,” he said.

“They think I’m a bulls***ter and tell me I was never cool.”