Fan Reveals Last Album Chris Cornell Signed Minutes Before Death


dpierced06 has shared a photo of a Soundgarden King Animal vinyl record that Chris Cornell signed minutes before committing suicide at the Detroit MGM Grand Hotel. “Painting by @grahamedwardsart and an album signed on the night he took his own life,” dpierced06 wrote on Instagram. Cornell signed autographs just before entering the hotel.

Painting by @grahamedwardsart and an album signed on the night he took his own life.

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Last month, a fan reportedly discussed meeting Chris Cornell and having him sign his Soundgarden ticket just before he entered the MGM hotel in Detroit in a message on eBay.

“I’ve seen Chris in concert more than a dozen times. This time was no different.

He signed the ticket 45 minutes before he died at the front door of the MGM. I’ve met him 6 other times. He was quiet and thanked the fans. Same as he always did.

All the media saying ‘something was different’ is complete nonsense. I was shocked.”

He wrote on his page, “This ticket was signed at his hotel immediately following the concert, and this happened only about an hour before he passed away.

He signed a couple vinyl records and CD covers for me and my ticket stub. Please see the date of the ticket stub.

This item was signed in permanent black Sharpie.”

“He had a police escort after the show, was traveling with private security, and there was hotel security.”