Nine Inch Nails Reveal Plan For Next Full Length Album, What Could Delay It


Trent Reznor discussed plans for the third EP in Nine Inch Nails’ new trilogy set of EP’s in a new interview with Zane Lowe. The first two installments of the series are Not The Actual Events and Add Violence. Alternative Nation transcribed Reznor’s comments.

“I mean at the moment it’s 0% done, aside from some lyrics in a notebook. Really the main factor would be if it is ready, if it feels like it has fully formed. The other kind of more controllable aspects to that are at the moment Atticus [Ross] and I have caught up with the other things we’ve done in our side jobs. Vietnam scores coming out for a Ken Burns documentary that drops this fall, and there’s a couple interesting film related projects we’re considering taking on. If we did, that may play a factor in the time frame of the Nine Inch Nails third EP.”

He later said, “Again, when we think about that, it really is hey, what feels like it would be cool to work on? Who are cool people who we’d like to work with that inspire us and challenge us? That’s what we’re kind of weighing at the moment. It’s also the time commitment of thinking, do I want to spend 6 months watching the same movie over and over again?”

He also discussed NIN’s next full length album, which he says will combine all three new EP’s but with ‘different versions’ of the songs.

“That’s kind of the plan right now. I’m interested in the narrative, and the ways we can present that but feel provocative. Give songs their due, but set them in a place that gives them another bit of perception.”

“That’s where it is right now, conceptually it gets re-contextualized, all three EP’s, into something that is together, and feels like something different. It’s not just a mismash shuffle on the iPod, but a different relationship and different versions of the songs. That really depends on when it all gets finished, when the third EP comes to life, does that still hold up? I’m sharing kind of the creative process behind it right now, that’s my secret right there. Wing it, and see if it makes sense at the end, and pretend you had a plan all along.”