Fans Get Dave Grohl Beer, Party With Him At Amusement Park


A group of fans recently spotted Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in Dewey Beach, Delaware leaving Dewey Beach Liquors, Deleware Online reports. They offered to buy Grohl’s four cases of Coors Light beer, and when he politely turned them down, they helped him get the beer to his car. Grohl then took a photo with the group of fans.

Grohl also rode a ride with a fan at the Funland amusement park. A fan wrote on Twitter, “One of my biggest regrets in life is riding the Sea Dragon at the beach w/ Dave Grohl and not taking a photograph to commemorate that moment.”

A News Journal contributor wrote that he saw Grohl and a group of people at Funland, “He and his entire posse were on top of the roof of Funland in the dark, yelling, ‘Hey, look at us!’ People were shouting back at them asking how they got up there. I kind of did a double take when I saw him.”

A fan also spotted Grohl parking his car, “She was speechless. She was trying to tell me something and she was just like, ‘I think…I think…I think…that’s…’ She couldn’t even speak. We’re both from Brazil and the Foo Fighters are huge there, so when we posted the photo, everyone was freaking out. No one can believe it.”