David Gilmour ‘Messes Up’ Pink Floyd Guitar Solo


Acclaimed Pink Floyd bandmate David Gilmour, when discussing about the mixing for ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ also talked about the process of improvising during guitar solos and how to save magical moments during concert performances on the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Alternative Nation transcribed Gilmour’s comments. David Gilmour ‘no shows’ surprise Pink Floyd performance.

Interviewer: The album that came out of that – that was a pretty accurate representation of the set. So when you went back to go into it for this set there wasn’t a lot of fixing and it kind of existed in the form you were proud of. Roger Waters ‘spitting’ on a Pink Floyd fan at show was also revealed.

David Gilmour: You know, at the time when we did the original for ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’, I imagine that there was a little bit of fixing of bits here and there but the way we do it is you know, if I’m in the middle of a blinding guitar solo that I really like and I bug out – which does happen, I can lift a guitar line from another show from another night and just replace it. So it’s just something that I did play on a show but very inert, and this is pretty rare I’ll have to say but if you really don’t want to lose what might be a ‘magic moment’ there are limited ways you can deal with it and the way I always chose to deal with it was to snip a little moment from another show. I didn’t go back in the studio and re-record any new vocals or new guitars so there’s a little bit of surreptitious fixing that goes on here and there. However, as you say I think all that was done back then in 1989 or whenever it was that we mixed that at Abbey Road. Today, it doesn’t need it. David Gilmour breaks Pink Floyd guitar at show.