Ferentz and The Felons’ Hudson County Video Is A Treat For Tom Petty & Eddie Vedder Fans


There’s no arguing that in 2018, there remains a definitive lack of good old fashioned classic rock. Granted now, classic rock is classic for a reason- but more so it’s the lack of classic rock’s influence on today’s artists. While the wide-looming shadow of classic rock may have faded into darkness, luckily there are still some artists who not only carry that flar- but absolutely strive in making straight up great rock and roll music. Don’t believe me? Then you clearly haven’t had the chance to meet Ferentz and The Felons.

Taking no prisoners in their rich, powerful approach, the New Jersey natives have crafted a complete modern-day masterpiece. Infused with the clear influences of Tom Petty, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, Ferentz and The Felons have crafted a fresh brand of the genre taking those influences to present a strong, independent sound all their own. On April 1st the rockers will unleash their newest creation, “Hudson County”. Less a song and more an experience, it’s a great honor to be able to premiere the video and song. The videographer is 1993 Film Co.

Immediately the melancholy acoustic guitar sets the pace but it’s Zak Ferentz’s absolute powerhouse of a voice that steals the show. The auto-biographical lyrics through the filter of Ferent’z earnest yet direct vocal style will leave you with chills. By throwing in a slight country influence, the band pushes themselves out of a straight rock and roll corner and show their true potential. The military styled snare hits through out the verse leave create a sense of urgency that helps the song’s chorus take flight. The band’s approach to building tension and achieving that great release does not go unnoticed. “Hudson County” is truly a great example of working a song out to its peak while maintaining the urgency.

“Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe it’s true” is honest to god such a relatable line that if you weren’t hooked by the strong verse, explosive chorus or subtle yet impactful guitar solo, as the track ends you will be completely sucked into “Hudson County”.

Make sure to check out Ferentz and The Felons across their various social media sites and make sure to check out the premiere of “Hudson County.” Chances are, you’ll be listening to it a few times.!