Dave Grohl Drops Nirvana 2020 Reunion Tour Bombshell


Nirvana recently reunited to perform at the Hollywood Palladium with Dave Grohl‘s daughter Violet, Beck, and St. Vincent. The performance was for The Art of Elysium’s “Heaven is Rock and Roll” show, a charity event. A Nirvana reunion singer was caught ‘messing up’ the performance in a sad video.

Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear revealed that after headlining Cal Jam 2018, they didn’t plan on doing another performance for years, destroying hopes of a 2020 Nirvana reunion tour.

Novoselic told fans at the show, “We said we weren’t going to do this for another four or five years, but we couldn’t resist the temptation.”

PunkGod94 posted about the reunion show on the Nirvana Reddit, “Personally, I thought they had too many people on stage at once. I much preferred the Cal Jam performance with John of Deer Tick and the Rock and Roll HOF after party where each singer would sing a few songs and then exit the stage. Violet Grohl did a great job, but I thought it was kinda lame to bring up a family member.

I also feel like the audience energy is lacking. Maybe they’re playing to the wrong audience? As much as I hate to say they should try a reunion tour, maybe a small run would draw in the more true Nirvana fans and not just people who are out to “party” at Cal Jam or see other bands like Cheap Trick and Marilyn Manson.

Still, I will never turn down the opportunity to see those 3 guys reunite with ANYBODY. The things they have done with music have affected me for life and I love seeing them all get together to play those old tunes again.” Nirvana’s insane reunion show ticket prices also blew away fans.