Foo Fighters ‘Almost Broke Up’ On Major Tour


Dave Grohl revealed in his new film ‘What Drives Us’ that Foo Fighters may have broken up at the end of their first tour if they hadn’t been touring in a van.

“We kind of felt like we needed to have some experiences of our own. Go out and do stuff, so the van just made perfect sense,” Grohl says of that early Foo trek with guitarist Pat Smear, bassist Nate Mendel, and drummer William Goldsmith.

“Had we not done that, we probably never would have made it through the first year.” Grohl is so attached to the van, that at the beginning of the film he goes out and finds it after years, and drives it around for the rest of the documentary.

“All of the biggest bands in the world, they had to start somewhere. Everybody I know started out like this: in a van.”

“What happens in the van is the foundation of who we become. It creates this unique perspective that we all share. Personally, I don’t think that I’d still be here if it weren’t for those early experiences, touring in a van, touring with my friends. If it weren’t for that old van, I don’t know where I’d be.”