Steven Tyler Reveals Last Time He Used Drugs, Is He Clean?


Steven Tyler, Aerosmith frontman proclaimed to be eight years sober in a new interview on FOX Business. Thomas Peck, Aerosmith superfan congratulated the legendary Aerosmith singer by saying the following via Instagram. “Congratulations Steven Tyler on 8 years back clean and sober!.” Joe Perry recently revealed if he wants Steven Tyler out of Aerosmith.

In other news revolving Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, fans recently discussed the group’s 1977 album ‘Draw The Line’ just in the time for it’s most recent anniversary. One fan said: “Draw the Line is every bit as tight as Rocks and whether you’ve followed this band over the decades or not, You simply shouldn’t pass on this album for your rock collection. In fact, it still fits in very well with rock of the ’90s and surpassing rock that is coming out today. The bad press simply serves those seeking work and/or providing job security. Being born in 1960, we literally wore the grooves thin on ‘Draw The Line’ LP. My musical taste hasn’t wavered that far off the groove in over 30 years and to see this album offered in a 20-bit re-mastering is a welcome approach. Simply put, Just get the album” This Aerosmith member recently entered rehab for a sad reason.

Steven Tyler’s massive bill at Las Vegas bar was recently revealed. Whereas another fan said: “[This album was] Made at the extreme peak of their addiction and probably the last great collaborative effort they made, DTL [Draw the Line] is a definite turning point in their career. Next to the amazing Rocks it’s a stand out for sure. There are still some truly inspired moments on this one though.. Kings and Queens, Sight for Sore Eyes, and the title track are standouts. It’s still like every other Aerosmith album before it though and you can put it on and not skip a single track. For as much as the addiction problems may have been affecting their personal relationships, it definitely hadn’t affected their talents. Made right before the original bands demise it’s probably the last gasp of greatness from the original line up…. Especially considering what they’d become after reforming in the 80’s.”