Foo Fighters Criticized For Self-Indulgent Performance


Boston Globe criticized Foo Fighters’ lengthy outros in a review of a recent Fenway Park performance, “Most singers make a big show of waiting for the rest of the band to take their positions before making their grand entrance. This is not Dave Grohl’s style. When Foo Fighters took the stage Saturday night for the first of two Fenway Park concerts this weekend, Grohl led the charge, running down the catwalk with the impatient exuberance of a dog finally released from its leash as the band launched into a blistering ‘All My Life.’ Such is Grohl’s all-consuming desire to rock.

That pure, undying love of his job is what powered Grohl through a marathon show that almost hit the three-hour mark. At times, he and his bandmates seemed to love playing too much, consistently adding several minutes to hits like ‘The Pretender’ and ‘Rope’ with extended bridges and outros. Too often these jams meandered, derailing a song’s momentum when they should have pushed it to the next level. And was that drum solo really necessary?

Foo Fighters may have their roots in ’90s alternative, but performance-wise their role models are bombastic 1970s arena rockers.”

WGBH praised the show, “The Foo Fighters performed at the historical Fenway park in front of a lively crowd last night. They performed many classics including encores of their songs ‘Big Me’, ‘Generator’ and ‘Everlong’. Building on their history of annual performances at Fenway since 2015, the band delivered another astonishing show.”