Fleetwood Mac Called Spotify ‘Sell Outs’ By 90’s Band


Eve 6 recently called out Fleetwood Mac. The former went on to label Mac as a sell-out to Spotify, the platform which has been in the headlines recently after Neil Young’s protest against Joe Rogan’s vaccine controversy. Fleetwood Mac is celebrating 45 years of ‘Rumours’ studio album as they urged the fans to listen to the album on Spotify.

Eve 6 calls Fleetwood Mac ‘shills’

Eve 6’s official Twitter handle posted a couple of Tweets. In one of the Tweets, the band wrote about how the band’s current music label cut down the advance in half. The band previously, sent a message to RCA Records to remove the band from Spotify.

The Tweet read: “we are pulling everything that we can off spotify. our current label cut our advance IN HALF because of this. don’t tell us we’re not making sacrifices. we’re doing this for all artists including the self centered nihilistic “apolitical” ones”

In another Tweet, the band got vocal as they demanded to get paid fairly for their work. The Tweet read: “i’m sympathetic. here’s the thing. if we can make sacrifices right now. if we can make it gauche, cringe as f*** so to speak, for artists to share spotify links we can continue to hurt this company. and by hurting this company we can get them to PAY US FAIRLY FOR OUR WORK”

Neil Young had urged Spotify to delete his music from the streaming service due to their association with the long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Young has backtracked since then, deleting his letter, but also pulling his music from Spotify. He was trolled for that move. Previously, Trevor Noah also reflected on the incident.

Joe Rogan has also been under fire for a video surfacing of him using the n-word, with The Rock withdrawing his support for Rogan.