Foo Fighters Devastated By Drug Overdose In Hotel Room


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed his past drug overdose in a new Kerrang Magazine interview, saying that he ‘loved doing drugs’ before the overdose. Hawkins’ overdose devastated his bandmates, especially Dave Grohl, who made a bold drug remark a few days ago.

Hawkins said, “I used to do a lot of fucking drugs (laughs). You get the work done. Foo Fighters live and breathe onstage. In the studio, the albums are very much Dave’s vision. A lot of the time, he does demos and you listen close to it and try and get some of your own licks in there. For the most part, we’re trying to get Dave’s vision down on tape or on a computer.”

Kerrang asked about what ‘a lot of f***ing drugs’ meant, and how his overdose changed his life.

“Everyone has their own path and I took it too far. I was partying in London one night, and I mistakenly did something and it changed everything. I believed the bullshit myth of live hard and fast, die young. I’m not here to preach about not doing drugs, because I loved doing drugs, but I just got out of control for a while and it almost got me. I was heading down a road that was going to lead to even worse paths.

Whether someone’s sober, or they like a glass of wine with dinner, or they want a bottle of Jagermeister before they go onstage, or they like to smoke doobies all day long, everyone has their own path, and I took it too far. I’m glad it got knocked on the head at that point. I wouldn’t take anything away that I’ve done or been through either, because it’s all part of the trip and the journey. I’m trying to be as candid as I can be. I go mountain biking now.”

Hawkins told Beats 1 last year about his reported hotel overdose, “There was a year where the partying just got a little too heavy. Thank God on some level this guy gave me the wrong line with the wrong thing one night and I woke up going, ‘What the f*** happened?’ That was a real changing point for me.”

He later added, “Well, I was partying a lot. I wasn’t like a junkie per se, but I was partying,” said the sticksman. I was the dumb kid who was just taking it too far and if you put a line in front of me I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that.’ I was messing around with pills. The truth of the matter is, and this is what I say to my kids, they know everything. They can go online and say, ‘What the f*** happened to you back then?'” Dave Grohl reacted to a bizarre Bruce Springsteen claim last week.