Dave Grohl Calls Out Creepy Bruce Springsteen Remark


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was interviewed by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg for City Lab on Monday, and Grohl poked fun at Goldberg’s Bruce Springsteen fandom. A Foo Fighters member confirmed massive drug use last week.

Jeffrey Goldberg: Full disclosure, I consider Dave Grohl to be in at least the non senior citizen division, the greatest living rock star.

Dave Grohl: This is going great.

Goldberg: That’s where you applaud, the under 70 division. As you know, someone just turned 70, Springsteen just turned 70.

Grohl: Oh yeah, huh, wow, that’s terrible.

Goldberg: But he looks good.

Grohl: I pray that I look like Bruce Springsteen. Well, I’ve always prayed that I look like Bruce Springsteen.

Howard Stern revealed a disturbing Bruce Springsteen demand last week. Later on, the discussion moved back to Bruce Springsteen, with another quip from Goldberg.

Goldberg: Answer this question, because Springsteen, I don’t mean to keep bringing him up-

Grohl: What’s up with your obsession with Springsteen? Sorry Bruce Springsteen couldn’t make it. Jeez Jeff, just little old me.

Goldberg mentioned Bruce Springsteen saying that his sound he developed had a lot to do from Asbury Park, as it was isolated for major cities, despite only being an hour from New York. Goldberg asked if we’re losing something now without that in the technological age.

Grohl: Human interaction, which is important. Just as we talked about the community, I think it’s one thing to see an artist or a song in a one dimensional way, but what’s really inspiring is when you see an actual human being onstage with an instrument made of wood and wires, and one microphone, do something so moving that it conjures emotion and you fall into like a romantic state of loving life because people do great things.

With my daughters it’s one thing when they watch this stuff on their phones or YouTube all day long, but when I take them to see an artist on stage, it’s so different. Foo Fighters revealed how much Dave Grohl pays them earlier this month.