Foo Fighters Drop Nirvana Reunion Tour Bombshell


Nirvana were destined to breakup in 1994, but if Kurt Cobain had lived, could they have ended up reuniting and eventually carrying on? Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins laid out the possibility of if Nirvana existed today if Dave Grohl could still do Foo Fighters in a new Music Week interview.

“There’s something in me that has to get this out of my system. I have to write songs, I have to make records. I guarantee you, if for some crazy reason Kurt Cobain wouldn’t have died so early and Nirvana was still a band now, Dave would still be doing the same thing. There would be a Foo Fighters, it wouldn’t be as popular because he’d be busy in Nirvana all the time, but he has to do it. He has to make Foo Fighters records. That’s just what we do.

In Foo Fighters, my job is to just play drums. And sort of along the lines of what the Grohlmeister wants, and he gives me room to move, but he knows what he wants, they’re his songs, and obviously he knows how to play the drums, so he knows how the fucking drums should go.”

Dave Grohl broke his silence on the Greta Van Fleet backlash yesterday. Hawkins added, “So, my role in that band is to fulfill his desires for the rhythm section of the band while he’s up front doing what he does. That is enough for me in the Foo Fighters, I get to sing a little bit here and there and that’s great! That’s enough when I’m in the Foo Fighters. But when I get a moment outside the Foo Fighters, I have to get these songs out of me. I just like the creative process of writing songs, I like singing!”

Nirvana fans discussed why “Smells Like Teen Spirit” isn’t their favorite song on Reddit recently. JustYourLocalMe wrote, “SLTS isn’t a bad song. Its not the best or my favorite of Nirvana’s but SLTS is still a good song you can jam out too. You don’t have to think your special because you hate it. Your not. Everyone does.”

DivineSwam posted, “It didn’t immediately jump out at me when first playing Nevermind in 1991, I think it did end up a mill stone around the band’s neck though, I think they were a little uneasy with how popular it got and the fact that it was the song that ‘jocks’ would sing along to.”

KitchenWitching said, “I’m too old and tired to have any pretense about it. I remember running to the TV everytime the video came on MTV. I was entranced. That song propelled Nirvana into my world. Kurt played his guitar like he was attacking it – or it was attacking him. It was angry and joyful and loud. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard or seen, and boy, did it change everything.”

You can read the piece at Music Week.