Watch Foo Fighters Emotionally Say Goodbye Before Hiatus


Foo Fighters wrapped up the Concrete and Gold tour after a year and a half on Tuesday night in Calgary. Dave Grohl has stated in recent interviews that the Foos will be taking a break with the end of the tour. The Calgary show had previously been postponed when an illness led to Dave Grohl losing his voice. You can watch video of the Foos bidding farewell below.

The Calgary Herald reported:

Grohl and his cohorts deliver at a high level, night in and night out — Tuesday evening in Calgary would certainly be no different.

“Are you motherf—ers ready for the last night of our tour?” the singer-guitarist shrieked as the band stormed the stage for, indeed, the finale of a world jaunt which began 18 months ago. Game on!

Fans here had waited a long time for this night and they would remain on their feet from the opening strains of Run (from last year’s Concrete & Gold album) until the final note had been played nearly three hours later.

After another pair from the new album in The Sky Is A Neighborhood and La Dee Da, Grohl admired bandmate, Taylor Hawkins, in a unusually early drum solo (on a, presumably, KISS-inspired elevated drum riser, no less) which led to a Hawkins’ lead vocal on Sunday Rain (also from the latest LP). Conventional wisdom was out the window, and the show was only 20 minutes in!

Flanked by a diamond-shaped, mobile video wall and moving lighting rig, Grohl resumed the frontman position through Something From Nothing and Walk, before assaulting the delirious throng with These Days, an extended jam of The Pretender, Times Like These, All My Life, Learn To Fly and Breakout in rapid-fire succession.

Now, Grohl will never win any singing contests, but the voice (and the scream) has always matched the musical fury. It just … fits. Further, very few rock vocalists have the ability to get inside a lyric, the way he effortlessly can.

Last momemts of the Concrete and Gold Tour (Calgary) from r/Foofighters