Eddie Vedder Emotionally Performs “Miss You, C”


PJWGIII posted on the Pearl Jam Ten Club board:

Eddie Vedder
Cure Benefit Show
Navy Pier Aon Ballroom
Show Set List
October 15, 2018

01. Keep Me In Your Heart (Calderon, Zevon)
Porch (Tease of beginning lyrics directed toward sign language interpreter so Ed can see “Fuck” in ASL)
02. Rise
(Ed mentions David Axelrod and thanks him for fighting a great cause, helping elect the greatest president of his lifetime, and inviting him. He dedicates next song to the power of Mothers, especially those fighting the disease of epilepsy in their children)
03. Just Breathe
(Introduces other musical guest Nils Lofgren back onstage and tells about hearing the next song for the first time, and dedicates it (obviously) to E Street Saxophonist Clarence Clemons)
04. Miss You, C (With Nils Lofgren)
05. Rockin’ In The Free World (Young) with Nils Lofgren and Miguel Cervantes
(Ed invites the Misericordia Heartzingers Choir back onstage and thanks all of the great musicians for tremendous performances and once again thanks everyone for coming to the event)
06. Hard Sun (Peterson) with Nils Lofgren, Miguel Cervantes, and the Misericordia Heartzingers Choir

To find out more about and support this amazing foundation, check out the link below:

bb4packers posted:

“I was at the event as well and that was a great recap. I did not realize how devastating Epilepsy is for so many families. Nils Lofgren did a great set and then Miguel Cervantes and his lovely wife Kelly delivered a heartbreaking talk about their daughter. Miguel helped them raise about $500K in 20 minutes from the people in the room and then Ed came out. The Porch tease was really a fun moment – basically Ed just wanted to see how she signed Fuck. Just Breathe was perfectly suited for this event. Nils pulled out an electric guitar for Rockin’ in the Free World and they really cut loose. Miguel Cervantes took a verse and looked like he was having a great time. Overall the event was extremely well done and struck a good balance between education, fund raiser, and entertainment.”