Foo Fighters Fans Angry Before Return Concert


The anticipation has hit an all time high as Foo Fighters fans eagerly await the highly anticipated Foo Fighters concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion on Wednesday night. However, amidst the excitement, a cloud of uncertainty looms over some ticket holders who may find themselves denied entry despite having made their purchase.

As reported by WMUR, they stated that in an effort to ensure that fans obtain tickets at face value, the band has taken a stance against digitally transferred tickets. Unfortunately, this decision seems to have caught some fans off guard, as they were unaware of this condition at the time of purchase. Consequently, there is now a looming question of validity for those who acquired their tickets from sources other than Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

Brandon Garod, Senior Assistant Attorney General, acknowledged the concerns surrounding third-party ticket vendors and advised affected individuals to directly contact the venue for clarification. However, the ambiguity surrounding ticket legitimacy remains a cause for distress among fans who are unsure if their tickets will grant them access to the concert they eagerly await.

Brenda Martin, a huge fan of the Foo Fighters, shared her frustrating experience.

She describes the process of determining her eligibility for entry as arduous and time-consuming, marked by numerous emails and phone calls that yielded inconsistent answers. Even now, on the eve of the concert, she remains uncertain whether her ticket will grant her access.

The Attorney General’s office has suggested that those who purchased tickets from third-party vendors and find themselves barred from the venue should seek a refund directly from the vendor. Failing that, affected individuals are advised to file a consumer complaint with the AG’s office, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

While this can’t be at fault of the individual members of the band, we do hope that some solution is met.