Josh Freese Pays Tribute To Foo Fighters Drummer


A fan named GeorgeBeard83 posted on Reddit about Josh Freese’s first streamed Foo Fighters performance, featuring Taylor Hawkins tributes.

“Josh has joined the band for foreseeable future but there is no indication as to whether he will record with the band on future albums or whether he will just play live. Dave Grohl drummed on the new album.

The show was pre-recorded a matter of weeks ago as Dave didn’t have his tattoo. And Chad Smith and Tommy Lee are currently both on tour so not in LA.

We have now heard 3 songs from the new album after hearing ‘Nothing at All’, which sounded incredible btw.

The band are still incorporating live jams and breakdowns into songs. With different arrangements on all of the ‘Old songs’ last night.

The Band members have all got new white instruments. This seems to be linked to the new album artwork. And could pay homage to Taylor. Along with the hawks on Joshs’ Drums and a couple of the guitars.

Pat Smear referred to My Hero as a ‘mellow’ song which might indicate they are still going to to the ‘Dave into Band’ Version.

Although the Setlist wasn’t clear. There were around 30 songs on it. These are the songs that the band have been rehearsing and for the tour and The Teacher’ could be seen.

The Backing ladies were not seen in this video but Violet explained that she was excited for the tour which suggests they still could be with the band.

Chris Shiflett seems much more involved in backing vocals and has a lot more freedom to improv his guitar on songs. I can also see him engaging with Dave more inbetween songs at shows.

Josh rules.”

Mandalorian97 added, “My favorite part was that everyone seemed to be enjoying playing music. Pat was smiling tons; I saw Chris much more talkative than I’ve ever seen him before; Josh didn’t seem (or feel) shy or intimidated.

And when Josh came up to Dave to ask a question about Monkey Wrench really speaks high of Josh for wanting to learn. This stream – though bittersweet for not seeing T in there with them jamming – was everything I needed. I’m so excited to see them live. Hopefully they come to Mexico.”